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Our 2020 Summer Short Story Writing Contest Winners
have been announced!

  • All entries will be printed in the first issue of our teen literary magazine
    coming out in December!
  • Hard copies will be available to check out and to purchase (all proceeds will be used for teen programming).
  • The magazine will be available to read online as well.

Kids Short Story Writing Contest
Kids ages 11 and under
wrote a Tall Tale starting with this phrase: “Dear Librarian, I could not return my book on time because…”. Writers were asked to finish this statement with a tall tale filled with exaggerations and outlandish characters to mesmerize our judges and entertain the librarians.

And the winners are:
1st place: Sophie Anne Meier (11 years old)
2nd place: Meghan Hofer (11 years old)
3rd place: Lucille Maendel
(6th grade)

Teen/Adult Short Story Writing Contest
Teens and adults were asked to write a
Tall Tale inspired by local history and community to create a short story filled with fantastical intrigue and outlandish characters.

And the winners are:
1st place: Marlys Swinger (12 years old)
2nd Place: Madilyn Becker (14 years old)
3rd place: Steve Liss (adult)