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Michael Gold - American Flag Photographs

What so proudly we still hail, and in ways never envisioned by our founding fathers.
Our beautiful flag is displayed everywhere and for every purpose. This exhibit displays the flag in some of those places and for reasons unexpected.

It is a magnificent graphic design, and how could we not love it? It is seen endlessly for patriotic and commercial purposes. The larger it is, the more attracted we are.

MICHAEL GOLD is a photographer and author, whose photographs have appeared in the New York Times, Fortune, Esquire, Opera News, National Lampoon, American Express, BMW, IBM, SONY and more. He is also the author of “Raining Delusions: A Catskills Novel,” “Campaign Companion,” and co-author with Dr. Fred Mayo of “Modern American Manners.” This is his 22nd  solo photo exhibit and third in the Gardiner Library.

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