How it Works
Read-a-thon participants will do what you already love to do – read!
Participants 17 years old and younger.
Pick up a Read-a-Thon packet at the library or print off the
pledge sheet here and the book log here.

Find sponsors to pledge money for every book you read between July 5th and August 31st. Sponsors can be family, friends and even neighbors. Sponsors can pledge a certain amount of money per book read or they can pledge a certain amount simply for participating in the read-a-thon.

No donation is too small. The more you read, the more money you will be earning
to benefit the library and our community.

Participants can receive community service hours.

Pledge sheets due September 12.
Sponsors can pay by check (made out to the Gardiner Library), cash
or through paypal here: 
Cash and checks will be collected by the participants and
brought to the library by September 12.
Make sure all potential sponsors know that their donation is tax deductible!

Pledge Sheet
Use the pledge sheet to keep track of sponsors, how much they have pledged and how and when they pay. Use the envelope to collect cash and checks.

Book Log
Use the book log to keep track of the books you have read. Return this with your pledge sheet so we can enter the right number of raffle tickets for you into our drawing.
Your sponsors might be interested to see what you read!

All participants will receive a coupon for 2 free books from the Library’s Used Book Shoppe.
Prizes will be awarded for most books read and most money raised in two age categories
(10 and under and 11 and older).
Raffle tickets will be entered in our raffle for every 3 books you read. The more books you read the more raffle tickets entered in our drawing.