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"A Street Photographer's Odyssey" Photography Show by Michael Gold
May 5 - May 30
Artist Reception and Talk: Saturday, May 13th 1 - 3:30 PM

Artist Statement:
If ever there was a sexy, bold, passionate, voluptuous, sensual, beautiful, romantic, magnetic country, filled with delicious food and wine, pasta and olive oil, and art, in breathtaking, endless landscapes of vineyards and olive trees, mountains and sea, warm, pure sunlight, and colorful, proud people who smile and laugh and gesture and kiss and openly express love of life and religion, it is Italy/Sicily. 

It’s what I look for as a street photographer; capturing those moments and sharing some from the thousands of impulsive images I’ve taken. They are not travelogue photos, but just those that scream out, “FraDiavolo!” That’s when the shutter clicks and it’s only then that I deem them worthy of exhibit and publication.

Michael Gold's career included photography assignments for many publications including The New York Times Magazine, Opera News, Esquire, Fortune, and the National Lampoon. Michael Gold is also the author of numerous books including Seaweed Dinosaurs & Other Odd Seaweed Creatures, Raining delusions: A Catskills Novel, Campaign Companion, and Modern American Manners

Tiny Roost Gallery

Roost Studios has created a fresh way to show, see, experience and interact with art outside the traditional gallery or museum model. Roost worked with Ryan Solomons, a 3-D fabrication design artist to make the first Tiny Roost: Art on the Outside gallery installed outside the Gardiner Library.


The tiny gallery is a 24"x 36" moveable clear art gallery box that sits on a 36" high steel and wood base. It is weatherproof, powered by solar energy, and has both permanent and changeable signage, LED lighting and audio capability. It will house rotating exhibitions by various artists focusing on a variety of relevant themes.

Contact: Marcy Bernstein at or Nicole Lane at


Tiny Roost: 2023 Spring Exhibit
The Seeing I by Annie O'Neill

Artist Statement:
When I wander along the sea's shore or the river's bank I am in awe of the treasures swept up and shaped by currents and rifts, waves, water and churn.

I am possessed by the possibilities of transforming these wonders from my seeing eye into totems for you to see.

Nature provides all that the imagination needs to begin the proces of creating.

Visit Annie's studio during Gardiner's Open Studio Tour (GOST) on May 6th and 7th.
Learn more about Annie at:

Annie O’Neill is a sculptor and ceramic artist. For many years she made large scale intricately cut birds in mild steel, and currently has a steel mule and hoggee sculpture she designed outside the D & H Canal Society in High Falls. She has been making highly-decorated functional ceramics for many years. Her art background started when she was very young and continued at the High School of Music and Art, Sarah Lawrence College and Women’s Studio Workshop. She is a passionate environmentalist and was a local rock climber.


Art Policy
The primary purpose of the Gardiner Library Policy on Art Exhibits is to enrich the library experience of the Gardiner Library Patrons, particularly:

To enhance and increase community appreciation of the arts, to present a variety of exhibitions by artists in the visual arts as well as exhibitions of educational and/or historical significance, and to help local artists increase their public exposure.

Art Exhibit Policy and Application  


Display Case
It is the policy of the Library, as part of its mission to enrich the quality of life, to provide space for exhibits and displays from the Library's collection and through those of other local community agencies or individuals.

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