Art Exhibits, Tiny Roost & Display Case

Current Art Exhibit

The Mohonk Preserve Photography Show
"The Gunks"

May 1 - May 31

The Mohonk Preserve Volunteers Photographers are a group of committed and active volunteers who capture and share images of all aspects of the Mohonk Preserve on an ongoing basis and by special assignment. The images taken are used by the Preserve in their publications, website and publicity to build awareness of the Preserve and its mission of protecting the Shawangunk Mountains region and inspiring people to care for, enjoy and explore their natural world. Included in this exhibit are photographs by: Betsy Tully, Bill Winter, Bonnie Hirschhorn, Carol Rietsma, Frederick Gerty, Gay Barton, Gerald Liddelow, John Mizel, John Verner, June Archer, Karen Maloy Brady, Lee Courtney, Marian Cappillino, Maryalice Citera, Maxine Kamin, Siu S Yuen, Steve Aaron, Susan Lehrer, Tom Weiner, and Renée Zernitsky.

Tiny Roost Gallery

Roost Studios has created a fresh way to show, see, experience and interact with art outside the traditional gallery or museum model.

Roost worked with Ryan Solomons, a 3-D fabrication design artist to make the first Tiny Roost: Art on the Outside gallery installed outside the Gardiner Library.


The tiny gallery is a 24"x 36" moveable clear art gallery box that sits on a 36" high steel and wood base. It is weatherproof, powered by solar energy, and has both permanent and changeable signage, LED lighting and audio capability. It will house rotating exhibitions by various artists focusing on a variety of relevant themes.


Roost Studios awarded 4 artists a solo exhibition opportunity to create a month-long installation in the Tiny Roost Gallery "Art on the Outside". These solo exhibitions will run from May through August of 2022.
These awards are made possible with funds from the Statewide Community Regrants Program, a regrant program of the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature and administered by Arts Mid-Hudson.


Tiny Roost: May Exhibit
"Deep Time Anonymous Archive" by Maeve McCool
Artist Talk: May 22 at 3PM
“Deep Time (.25 cent bin)” is an archive of lost and anonymous objects, collected over the course of 10 years and altered with embroidery and printmaking. This work is made up of letters, objects, photographs and trash found in dumpsters, abandoned homes and thrift shops. The objects are the evidence of people’s lives that have been forgotten to time, but as a collection they form a sense of shared memory. “Deep Time” is a geological term theorizing that the earth is able to consume and restore itself using the same limited materials over and over throughout millennia- the same cyclical principles can be applied to how we experience places and memories, with the same materials being recycled into innumerable people’s imaginations and lives.
Maeve McCool is a visual artist who works in a range of mediums including drawing, printmaking, fiber work and installation, with a focus on decay, regrowth, memory and loss. McCool earned her BA in Fine Art and Art History at the Corcoran College of Art and Design in 2018, has been a Research Fellow at the Thomas Cole National Historic Site, and had residencies at the Prattsville Art Center and Future Prairie Art Center. McCool is based in Catskill, New York.
Engagement Activity
Viewers are invited to contribute their own found objects to the Deep Time Anonymous Archive! This could be other people’s objects, drawings, photographs or letters that you have found, or something of your own. Perhaps you have a memory that you captured in a photograph or in writing— by including it in the archive, it will live forever with the memories of people from all different times and places. These objects will be integrated into the installation.
June Exhibit
"The 4th World" by
Nataly & Tyson Goldfisch
Performance on Thursday, June 16 @ 7:30 PM

This work visually express what our world might look to anthropologists centuries in the future. Our artifacts left clues of who we are, attempted to be, and wished we weren’t. In the year 2022, a time period already plagued by racial violence, hate crimes, massive social and economic inequities, World War III is threatening its sinister visage. We ask how could this happen and perhaps what has been lost that can be found again during the liminal space between the worlds we find ourselves in today and our future we hope could inhabit.

Our creative endeavor seeks to bear witness to the atrocities of human life and humanity at large. To make sense of this madness, Georgio Agamben’s theory of “state of exception” became a focal point in our inquiry. We attempted to depict in three dimensional space what Agamben’s “camp” and “remnants” manifest as. It is our deep wish that this work and accompanying performance opens up a collective dialogue. We invite you to imagine with us and pay homage to the innocent lives lost during the war on Ukraine. 
Nataly is an Associate Professor at SUNY New Paltz. She teaches mathematics pedagogy in the education department. Her area of research focuses on the intersectionality between philosophy of mathematics education, aesthetics, and deep ecology. She has authored books and articles about STEM education and critical/ecojustice education. Tyson has performed and shown his work in several states over the last two decades. His preference for exhibitions are outside the traditional art world, consisting of popup art displays, street performances, and improvisational creative outbursts/situations. His visuals, performances, and sound-based work reanimates discarded objects, transforming already-used utilitarian objects and refuse into end-times totems or renderings of end-times characters. Key themes in his work include joy, transformation of sickness into health, deterioration, disparity, alienation, rust, industry, roots, altered states of consciousness and post-rapture spiritual economy.
Future Grant Awardee Shows

July: Paul Bracey “Cultural interconnectivity, Classic quilting and contemporary photography”

August: Dawn Bisio “FLOW:Racism:NO”

Art Policy
The primary purpose of the Gardiner Library Policy on Art Exhibits is to enrich the library experience of the Gardiner Library Patrons, particularly:

To enhance and increase community appreciation of the arts, to present a variety of exhibitions by artists in the visual arts as well as exhibitions of educational and/or historical significance, and to help local artists increase their public exposure.

Art Exhibit Policy and Application  


Display Case
It is the policy of the Library, as part of its mission to enrich the quality of life, to provide space for exhibits and displays from the Library's collection and through those of other local community agencies or individuals.

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