Library Policies

Gardiner Library Mission Statement

Gardiner Library’s mission is to connect people, ideas, information, and technology, to enrich lives and strengthen our community, in a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere accessible to all.

Vision Statement

Your place to learn, connect, share and belong.

2023-2026 Strategic Plan

Code of Conduct Everyone is welcome to use the library's facilities; however, every patron must comply with the policy on behavior which prohibits all conduct that materially disrupts the use of the library
facilities, collections or services.

Code of Ethics As Trustees of the Gardiner Library, we recognize the importance of codifying and making known to the staff, volunteers and to the general public the ethical principles that guide the work of our
librarians, other professionals providing information services, library trustees and library staff.

Internet Use All users of electronic information resources, such as the Internet, are expected to use these resources in a responsible manner, consistent with the cultural, recreational, educational and informational purposes for which they are provided.

Library Card Obtaining a library card.

Collection Development The purpose of the Gardiner Library’s Collection Development Policy is to provide guidelines for the selection, acquisition and withdrawal of materials in accordance with our mission. Gardiner Library seeks to obtain and maintain materials with both historical significance and lasting value while simultaneously acquiring contemporary items to support our role as a community resource for education and entertainment. The purpose of the Gardiner Library Collection Development Policy is to guide librarians and inform the public about the principles on which selection is based.

Privacy and Confidentiality The Gardiner Library gathers personal information about cardholders for the express purpose of efficiently and effectively operating the Library. We are committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our users.

Programming The Gardiner Library supports its mission of connecting people with the world of ideas and information by developing and presenting programs that provide additional opportunities for information, learning, and entertainment. Programming is an integral component of library service.

Social Media Policy The Gardiner Library is committed to providing an online environment where all members of the community may come to read, share opinions, discuss, and exchange ideas presented in the library’s digital space.

Other Gardiner Library policies can be found here.

We support the following American Library Association statements:
Freedom to Read
Freedom to View
Library Bill of Rights
Access to Library Resources and Services for Minors

Statement of Concern Form

The Gardiner Library Board of Trustees passed a resultion against banned books in August of 2023. Read here.