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An exhibition of art works by Carol Pepper-Cooper
Reception at 4:30 pm Friday, August 25th

Artist Statement
Carol Pepper-Cooper, who has been creating works of art for sixty years, will be exhibiting colorful pastels and mixed media pieces. The pieces in this exhibit are all from the last five years, a time in which she has been making Non Objective work, a form of abstract art. Sometimes the works are begun by making a drawing with closed eyes, sometimes by making many small marks, sometimes by thinking of a word or a concept. Although occasionally referential as in City of Night and City Light, they are not dependent on abstracting physical objects, people or places, i.e. what is seen by the naked eye. Rather, they are meditations on what it feels like for the artist to flow in and out of dreams. They rely on the inner eye which transfigures all it sees and, in doing so, makes the unseen visible. The 16th century poet Sir Edward Dyer wrote: "My Mind to Me a Kingdom Is." This exhibition represents Pepper-Cooper's kingdom, an inner world which she hopes viewers will want to enter and explore.

Pepper-Cooper, a graduate of Radcliffe College, holds a M.F.A. from Pratt Institute. Her work has been exhibited in Italy and New York City as well as throughout the Hudson Valley. It includes many theater sets and three seven-foot stained glass windows installed in Kingston's Temple Emanuel in 2006. In 2015 the Woodstock Artists Association and Museum presented her with the Sally Jacobs/Phoebe Towbin Award for "art work of exceptional merit in our Region.” This past May the Arts Society of Kingston (ASK) awarded her with an ASKAR for "Artistic Excellence and Innovation." Visit for more information about the artist
and her work.

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