Recycling @ the Library

Terracycle Recycling Program @ Gardiner Library
Through April 22 (Earth Day)
We are collecting items (that often get thrown away), to be recycled and upcycled through the Terracycle Recycling Program. Items collected will go to TerraCycle to be made into new products. Clearly labelled collection boxes are in the library foyer. Please clean and empty items as much as possible.
Currently accepting:
Used or empty toothpaste tubes and caps, toothbrushes, toothpaste cartons, toothbrush outer packaging, and floss containers, all brands of blades and razors (systems and disposable units, and replaceable-blade cartridge units), rigid plastic packaging, and flexible plastic bag packaging and all brands of beauty product and skincare packaging, such as pump caps, hair spray triggers, lipstick cases, eyeliner pencils, and mascara tubes. 
The Gardiner Library is actively looking at other items to collect at the library for recycling. If you have any suggestions please contact Nicole at